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Rules and Regulations for Use of Group Project Pods and Training Rooms



Group Project Pod

Training Room





Purpose of Use

1.      Group project work

2.      Training

1.    Group project work

2.    Group viewing of audiovisual materials

1.    Training

2.    Group viewing of  audiovisual materials

3.    Presentations


NOTE: At other times when the room is not booked, it is open for group discussions. Notices will be placed on the door if there are bookings made.



Group size

4 – 10 persons

At least 15 persons


Via Library homepage at http://library.sunway.edu.my/


Up to 2 hours per day


Up to 2 hours per day



1.   This facility is available to only staff and students of Sunway University and Sunway College.

2.   Bookings can be done via Library homepage at http://library.sunway.edu.my . Users must show up within the first 15 minutes of the booked timeslot. If not, bookings will be considered forfeited and may be cancelled by Library staff


3.   At the Service Counter, users are required to hand in their student/staff ID and obtain the key and remote control.


4.   Items that infringe Malaysian copyright and censorship laws cannot be viewed in the library. A user who wishes to view his/her own item must produce the item for verification by the Service Counter staff prior to use. A user found to be violating the laws will be advised to leave the rooms. After 2 violations, the user will be barred from using the room.


5.   No food and drinks are allowed in the room. A user who is found eating or drinking will be advised to leave the room. After 2 violations, he/she will be barred from using the room.


6.   Users are not allowed to shift or remove the equipment in the room without permission from library staff.


7.   Users are expected to use AV equipment and facilities responsibly. Refer to the staff at the Service Counter if you require assistance.


8.   Users are advised to switch off all the AV equipment, lights and lock the door after use.


9.   Users are required to return the key and remote control immediately to the Service Counter after using the room.



Document No: HP/075 | Issue 9 | Last updated : 22 March 2017