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How can I access Sunway Campus Library’s e-journals?
How can I access Sunway Campus Library’s e-journals?

Sunway Campus Library (Library) provides two locations for accessing e-journals

  1. Through E-databases. E-databases contain the index and full-text of 50,000 journals. See Q2.
  2. Through A-to-Z List of E-journals. A-to-Z List of E-journals lists all e-journals subscribed by the Library or available in the Library's e-databases and includes about 17,000 free e-journals available from the Internet.
    Within the Campus and Off Campus:
  1. Go to http://library.sunway.edu.my
  2. Click on "A to Z List of E-journals" under "E-Resources".
  3. Key in the title you wish to access.
  4. The journal title is displayed.
  5. Click on the database name in which the journal is found.
  6. Login in using the username and password as below:
    • User ID : Student ID or staff card serial number.
    • Password : PIN (default 1234 if you have not changed)
    • Some e-journals will require additional passwords. Click on the message that says "Click here for user name and password"