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Oxford Brookes University (OBU)
OBU project papers are only available upon request at the Service Counter on Level G. They can only be loaned by ACCA students pursuing a degree course at OBU.

ACCA students are reminded that they can only refer to the papers within the library, and cannot take them out. They are reminded to respect the author's copyright by fully acknowledging use of information derived from the papers. They also are not allowed to photocopy more than 5% of the work for purposes of non-commercial research or private study.

OBU project papers completed from Oct 2009 are available online. ACCA students who wish to access the online papers are advised to see the Head, Circulation Division for registration. They need to sign the OBU Thesis Online Access Declaration Form before they are given individual user names and passwords.Online OBU project papers can only be accessed at the four PCs next to the Automation Services Division in Level B1.


Document No: HP/065 | Issue 15 | Last Updated : 14 January 2016