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IT Facilities

IT Facilities

The Library has the following IT Facilities:

Computers in Level B1 and Level G

There are 18 PCs on Level G which must be booked prior to use. Please go to the Library Homepage at http://library.sunway.edu.my and click on Computer Stations under “Booking of Facilities and Service”.

There are also 56 PCs on Level B1 which are freely available without booking.

Users may use the PCs to attend to their e-mail, do their assignments or surf the Internet


Instructional Lab

There are 40 PCs in the Instructional Lab. Users may use the PCs if there are no classes or sessions being held in the Lab.


Printing Room

Printers are available on every level of the Library. If printing is required, please use “Follow me” to send your documents to the printers (Level B1- with 2 printers), the Collaborative Zone 1 (Mezzanine Level- one printer), or (Ground Level – one printer), where you can pick them up.

Operating Hours

Printer on Levels B1 and G Library opening hours
Printer on Mezzanine Level 8.00 am to 2.00 am the next day




Library Search Terminals

If you need to search the Library’s resources, use the Library Search terminals placed in various areas of the Library 0n Levels B1 and G.


Document No: HP/132 | Issue 4 | Last updated: 2 February 2017