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Year Major Events
  • THOL established. Puan Hamadah joined as Chief Librarian
  • THOL moved to Bandar Sunway Campus
  • Mrs. Khoo Siew Mun joined THOL as Chief Librarian in January
  • Visit of Chief Librarian and Head, Automation to Monash University Library's Official opening of MUM Annex by Professor David Robinson, Vice-Chancellor and President of Monash University, Australia in Monash University Librarians' familiarization visit lead by Mrs. Ho Chooi Hon
  • Launch of Library E-Bulletin named @THOL in October
  • 4 accreditation visits were handled by the Library
  • Opening of THOL Electronic Library by YB Dato' Hishamuddin bin Tun Hussein, Minister of Youth and Sports, in December
  • Addition of two new administrative sections – MUM Library Services Division and Standards & Performance Unit
  • First meeting of GEAC Advance User Group held in THOL in March
  • Visit of Deputy Librarian and Acquisitions Librarian to Monash University Library in May
  • Monash University Librarians' familiarization visit lead by Mrs. Ho Chooi Hon in June
  • 7 accreditation visits were handled by the Library
  • Commencement of ISO 9001:2000 Exercise
  • Establishment of Help Desk in December
  • User feedback system put into place
  • CSD took over management of Multimedia Resource Centre
  • Visit of Assistant Librarian, MUM Library Services, and Head, Automation Development, to Monash University Library in August
  • 12 accreditation visits were handled by the Library
  • Online notification of library cards ready for users
  • Shelf location maps linked electronically to GeoWeb Online Catalogue
  • Visit of Ms. Cathrine Harboe-Ree, University Librarian, Monash University and Mrs. Ho Chooi Hon in November
  • All ISO documentation completed by December 2002
  • Launch of new Homepage in March
  • Achievement of ISO 9001:2000 in April
  • Presentation of ISO 9001:2000 certificate award by Dato' Dr. Mohamed Ariffin bin Haji Aton in June
  • Survey on Locating Library Materials carried out to find out users' difficulties in locating library materials
  • Visit of Mr. Jeremy Ellis, Chancellor and Professor Richard Larkins, Vice-Chancellor, Monash University, Australia in September
  • Visit of Deputy Librarian, Acquisitions Librarian, Circulation Librarian and Head, Administration & Finance to Monash University Library in November Examinations papers went online in December
  • Visit of Mrs. Ho Chooi Hon, Director Corporate Services and International Development in May
  • Retirement of Mrs. Khoo Siew Mun, Chief Librarian in May
  • Appointment of Ms. Wong Sook Jean as Chief Librarian in June
  • Two Monash Malaysia librarians, Lee Siew Voon and Huzaimah Abdul Rani, attended the Staff Development and Training Programme organized by Monash University Library from 7-21 June
  • Successfully passed SIRIM Surveillance Audit in on 19-20 July without any nonconformances.
  • Visit by Ms Janette Burke, Director of Information Services, Monash University Library in connection with the planning of the new Monash Library
  • Survey on Help Desk Services held from 24-31 May.
  • Successfully passed SIRIM Surveillance Audit on 15 August without any nonconformances
  • Electronic resources increased with the acquisition of eBrary with 18,000 e-books
  • Library Staff intranet developed to improve staff communication
  • Creation of Shelf Location Finder in GeoWeb to assist users to locate library materials
  • The Dr. Goh Cheng Teik Collection Presentation Ceremony was held on 18 July. Dr. Goh presented 2,441 books from his own personal collection. YB Dato’ Sri Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein, Minister of Education, attended the ceremony to witness the presentation of the collection from Dr. Goh to YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jefffrey Cheah, Chancellor of Sunway University College.
  • Visit by Ms Janette Burke, Director of Information Services, Monash University Library in connection with the planning of the new Monash Library
  • Beginning of separation of administration of Monash Library from THOL.
  • Successfully passed SIRIM Reassessment Audit in on 15 - 16 March without any nonconformances
  • Separation of Monash and Sunway Libraries. Monash University Malaysia moved to its new campus and set up its own Library and Learning Commons
  • Both THOL and Monash University Sunway Campus Library established the Reciprocal Borrowing Programme, thus allowing Sunway and Monash staff and students to access each other's Open Shelf Collections. Walk-in usage of each other's databases was also introduced.
  • Sunway University College Library Committee was set up in January
  • Successfully passed SIRIM Surveillance Audit in on 25 July without any nonconformances
  • Visits from International Islamic University of Malaysia Library staff and Multimedia University Library staff
  • Visit by Sir Christian Bonington, Chancellor of Lancaster University
  • Migration to a new library system, SirsiDynix Unicorn. Roll-out was completed on 20 October
  • Refurbishment of Level 3 of the Library
  • Two book drop points set up to facilitate 24/7 return of library materials
  • Opinion Survey on Reduction of Loan Entitlement for Library Users carried out in December 2008. Most staff were in favour of maintaining the existing loan privileges
  • Appointment of Ms Molly Chuah as new Deputy Chief Librarian and Management Representative
  • Subscription to 9 new e-databases
  • Successfully passed SIRIM Surveillance Audit in on 16 June without any nonconformances
  • Adoption of RFID for shelf maintenance and self checkout
  • Customer Satisfaction survey held on 22-28 February to find out users' perception of library services and facilities
  • Subscription to Ebsco A-Z to provide better access to e-journals
  • Successfully passed SIRIM Recertification Audit in on 18-19 March without any nonconformances
  • THOL acquired Serials Solutions 360, a federated search engine, and A-Z List of E-Journals
  • Two surveys were held: The survey on the Use and Awareness of Electronic Information Resources (EIRs) by Academic staff of Sunway University College from 14 Dec 2009 to 18 Jan 2010; and the Survey on the Noise problem in the Library from 25 to 27 May 2010
  • Library added an Instructional Lab
  • THOL carried out its first stocktake exercise since 1999. The final count of missing items was 3,926 or 3.6% of the total collection
  • Setup of Sunway Institutionary Repository
  • Major refurbishment of the Library, including new furniture and video equipment
  • Establishment of Harvard Collection
  • Implementation of Smartcard for Self-Checkout
  • Extension of library opening hours
  • Library Homepage was totally revamped, using a new software called Drupal
  • Integration of Library Management System (LMS) with the Education Management System (EMS) to allow student records to be automatically migrated to the LMS, and financial records in the LMS be automatically migrated to the EMS
  • Addition of a second Discussion Area with 60 seats
  • Erection of Partitions and new chairs for the Multimedia Zone
  • Access to Lancaster University’s e-resources for staff and students in affiliated courses
  • Extension of THOL’s LMS to Sunway College Ipoh
  • Upgrade of THOL’s search engine to the Ebsco Discovery Service
  • Upgrade to Academic Search Complete and Business Source Complete
  • Extension of library opening hours – library opens at 8.00 am and every Sunday
  • Provision of free document delivery service to postgraduate students
  • Creation of Facebook page for the Library
  • Creation of podcasts for library instruction
  • Extension of Library’s e-databases to Sunway College Ipoh
  • Stocktake of library collection
  • Library launched its “Reading Lists” Project
  • 81 computers in the Multimedia Zone were replaced
  • Two surveys were held: “Survey on Library Opening Hours” and “Survey on Locating Library Materials”
  • Moved to new premise at the new University Building
  • Renamed “Sunway Campus Library”
  • New facilities at the new library; individual and collaborative learning space, Group Project Pods, bigger Instructional Lab, Drink and Phone Area, Viewing Zone, Extended Hour Study Area open to 2.00am, toilets, PCs in the public areas were totally upgraded
  • New services: New Book Return, additional checkout machine in Restricted Collections area, smartcard entry system, Academic Language Learning Service
  • Continued to improve on infrastructure and environment : installation of microphone system for Instructional Lab, 2 additional printers, change of dim lighting, 200 new seats added
  • Library services improved: opening of Mezzanine Level every day until 2.00am, Use of LibCal for booking of facilities and appointments with ALLS staff
  • Creation of Springshare LibGuides for Library Homepage
  • Migration of Library catalogue to BlueCloud
  • Use of online evaluation for Orientation and Information Skills sessionsFourth Library Customer Satisfaction Survey held from 23 February to 7 march 2017
Document No: HP/069 | Issue 10 | Last updated: 26 May 2017