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Quality Policy
Quality Policy Statement
1) Sunway Campus Library is committed to understanding and meeting user and applicable requirements for library services that support the academic needs of Sunway University and Sunway College KL.
2) Sunway Campus Library shall continually review and improve the effectiveness of its quality management system.

Quality Objectives

To ensure user requirements and satisfaction are met, Sunway Campus Library has embarked on the following Quality Objectives:

1) Provide and make accessible relevant, accurate and timely information to users.
2) Provide efficient and courteous services.
3) Sunway Campus Library shall employ appropriate technology to enhance its services.
4) Sunway Campus Library shall continually upgrade staff professionalism with the objective of delivering best quality services.
  Sunway Campus Library is accredited to ISO9001: 2015


Document No: HP/035 | Issue 13 | Last updated: 13 December 2017