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Quick Facts
Established: 1987, moved to the New University Building in 2015
Serving: Serves Sunway University and Sunway College and years 11-12 of Sunway International School. Provides reciprocal borrowing privileges to Monash University Sunway Campus staff and students
Mission : To support teaching, learning, and research efforts of the academic community at Sunway University and Sunway College KL
Quality Initiative: Accredited to ISO9001:2015
Area: Three levels: 72,000 sq. ft
(31 Dec 2015)
25,901 students and 606 staff from Sunway University, Sunway College KL and Sunway International School, 996 reciprocal borrowers from Monash University Sunway campus 
Seating: 1,300 users at any one time.
Usage (2015) 1,678,231  entries
99,282 loans, 8,488 renewals
305,077 electronic articles downloaded
24,747 electronic books viewed
Updated 26 May 2017
  Library Materials Budget
1999-2017: RM34.927 million
2016: RM2.6 million
  Library Staff
Number: 40 professional, technical and other support staff
Graduate staff: 25 graduate staff 


Library Collection
(As at 31 December 2016)

Printed Books: 140,037 volumes
E-Books: 148,844 titles
Printed Serials: 104 titles on subscription
E-Serials: 57,897 titles
E-databases: 124 online databases
Audiovisual items: 11,295 items    
Annual reports: 1,149 volumes
Bound Serials: 3,991 volumes    
Others: 9,941 items
"Others" include CD-ROMs and other very small collections (maps, globes, etc.).


- The Sunway Campus Library is fully automated since July 1999.
- The Library system is called "SirsiDynix Symphony ".
- "Library Catalogue" (Library's OPAC: Online Public Access
Catalogue), is web-based.
- Discovery service, SearchAll

- Loans Services
- Library orientation and tours
- Information Skills workshops
- Help Desk
- Docdel (document delivery) services
- Access to e-databases from within and outside the campus
- Renewals & Reservations Online: from within and outside the campus
- Academic Language Learning Service (ALLS)
- Homepage
- Shelf guides online
- Internet guides online
- Library and subject guides
- Exam papers online
- FAQs online
- Online listing of new titles added monthly
- Online tutorials
- Online reading lists
- Computer facilities: 115 wired PCs for assignments and surfing.
- Instructional Lab
- Printing (4 printers)
- Wireless access in the Library.
- Viewing Zone: to view VCDs and DVDs for coursework or leisure.
- Training Room 1 & 2(Both sound-proofed).
+ Both can be reserved for group viewing.
- Conference Room
- Collaborative Areas
- Group Project Pods
- CCTV to protect users and library collection.
- Self-checkout machines
- Book-drop for self check-in/return
- Drink & Phone Area
- Extended Hour Study Area

Access to Electronic Resources From Other Universities

Access For Victoria University Students
- E-databases from Victoria
University Australia
- Online exam papers
Access For Sunway/Lancaster Staff and Students
- E-databases from Lancaster
- All other online resources
Access For Reciprocal Members (On-site)
- E-Resources from Monash University
Document No: HP/055 | Issue 23 | Last Updated : 26 May 2017