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Past Year Exam Papers

(Available within Sunway Campus only)


1. Multiple choice questions and resit papers for Sunway University will not be made available as from July 2008.
2. Not all past year exam papers are available in the database. Only past year exam papers authorised by the Faculty, Programme or Exam Unit are uploaded. For papers that are not available from this site, students are advised to check with their lecturers.
3. Past year exam papers for AUSMAT are only available 6 months after the exam date.


Sunway College KL

ACCA (Link to ACCA site)
Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT)
Cambridge GCE A-Levels
Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP )

Sunway University

School of Healthcare and Medical Sciences
School of Arts
School of Science and Technology
Sunway University Business School
School of Hospitality
School of Mathematical Sciences


Sunway University(Sample Exam papers)

Sunway University Business School
School of Arts : Department of Communication and Liberal Arts
School of Science and Technology : Department of Computing and Information Systems
School of Science and Technology: Department of Biological Sciences
School of Science and Technology: Department of Psychology



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