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Service Level Agreement
Services Minimum Level of Service
Opening Hours 100% of opening hours as advertised in the Library Website, Opening Hours
Requests for new books and audiovisual materials 80% fulfilment of all ordered titles within 3 months.
Availability of library materials All new journal issues available within 7 working days
Catalogue and process 90% of urgent items within 3 working days, and non-urgent materials within 3 weeks of receipt.
Waiting time at the service counters Not to exceed 2 minutes.
Response time to user complaints 2 working days
Membership registration No registration required for students from Sunway University, Sunway College KL and Sunway International School Years 11 and 12. For other students and staff, Immediate registration upon presentation of student or staff card at the Library Service Counter.
Access to library materials At least 95% of materials are found at their correct locations.
Library orientation and Information Skills sessions for students Achieve 75% satisfaction rating
Reference enquiries Achieve 75% satisfaction rating
Document delivery 90% fulfillment rate. Deliver documents to DocDel requestors within 15 working days.
Library system Disruptions attended to within one working day.
Document No: HP/115 | Issue 9 | Last updated :14 April 2017