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Document Delivery
DocDel is a value-added service designed to provide information resources that are not available in THOL for library customers.

Established in 2001, DocDel service provides hard-to-find documents including journal articles, conference proceedings, and chapters from books. To request for documents, please fill in the Document Delivery Form, which is available from the library homepage, and send it to the Reference Division. All DocDel requests are processed within four working days and documents are delivered within 15 working days. When documents are not delivered within 15 working days, requestors will be informed about the status of your requests.
Ms Anusha Krishnan
Assistant Librarian, Reference Division
Ext. 7054

Requestors are expected to abide by the copyright terms and conditions of document use. Documents supplied are to be used only for academic purpose. Therefore, without the permission of copyright owners, reproduction of documents for commercial purpose is not permitted.

Charges for DocDel are as follows:

1 Teaching and research staff 
(Approval by Dean of Faculty/ Director of Programme/ Head of Department required)
No charge.
2 Administrative staff (Approval 
by Head of Department required)
No charge up to 20 documents a year.For more than 20 documents: Cost of document + RM2 handling charges per document.
3 Postgraduate Students (Approval by Supervisor required) No charge up to 40 documents per year. For more than 40 documents: Cost of document + RM2 handling per document
4 Other Students Cost of document + RM2 handling charges per document
1 All staff of Sunway Group and Alumni Cost of document + RM2 handling charges per document 
(To be paid in advance)
For information : Cost of document
From Sunway University and Sunway College KL Library (Library): RM1.00 per page (photocopying of Library's materials) 

From other local libraries: Minimum charge RM10.00 per 
article, plus postage cost.

From Monash University Library: A$20-A$25 per article. 

From British Library: GBP 9.25 per article plus copyright fees, if applicable.

From Other Libraries outside Malaysia: Cost varies.


Document No: HP/023 | Issue 13 | Last Updated: 5 August 2015