Dates Main Entrance Extended Hour Entrance, Mezzanine Level
Tuesday, 2 January 2024 - Wednesday, 31 January 2024: 
Mondays - Fridays: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. next day
Saturdays & Sundays: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. next day
Public Holidays: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. next day
Thursday, 1 February 2024 - Thursday, 29 February 2024:      
Mondays - Fridays:  8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. next day
Saturdays & Sundays: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. next day
Public Holidays: Closed 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. next day

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1. How do I register for Library membership?

  • For students of Sunway University and Sunway College, library membership is automatic once students complete their enrollment.
  • For other categories, you need to fill in the membership form.




2. How do I get my login account?



  • Login is activated once enrollment/membership application is completed.
  • For students, the username is the student ID and PIN by default is 1234.
  • For staff, the username is the Serial Number at the back of the staff card and PIN by default is 1234.
  • For others, the username is the Library ID and PIN by default is 1234.
  • The PIN can be changed from LOAN ACCOUNT.



3. Why am I still unable to login even though I used the given Login ID and Password?

  • If you are still unable to login, contact the Service Counter at +603-74918622 ext. 7073 or Email the Library
  • You may have changed the PIN number and have forgotten. Try to reset the PIN number.



4. How do I apply for Victoria University Library Login ID?

  • Only students and staff from programs validated by Victoria University are eligible for a Victoria Library Login ID.
  • About 1-2 weeks after registration, the Australian University Program will inform you how to set the PIN.



5. How do I apply for Lancaster University Library Login ID?

  • The publisher licensing agreements do not allow sharing of resources from Lancaster University Library. Therefore no Lancaster University Library login ID will be provided. This came into effect from April 2021.
  • Students and staff can explore Free Resources or use Document Delivery service instead.


1. Where can I get online access to Library resources?


  • Your online access privileges to library resources begin with the first semester.
  • You need to login to get online access. Your username is your student ID and password by default is 1234.
  • From the Library Website, begin your search using the one-search box, SearchAll

  • You can search for books and articles using SearchAll.
  • You can search individual databases from A-Z Databases.
  • Additionally, browse individual e-journals using A-Z List of E-Journals



2. How do I access journal articles?

  • View this Video Tutorial on how to access journal articles.
  • You can choose PDF or HTML format to read or download articles.
  • Where full text is not available, you can request for Document Delivery Service.



3. How do I access e-books?

  • View this Video Tutorial on how to access e-books.
  • You can download a book and keep from 1-21 days depending on the user licensing agreement with the publishers.
  • When there is only 1 copy available, no downloading is allowed.



4. How do I access E-Textbooks (Vital Source)?

  • View this Video Tutorial on how to access E-Textbooks (Vital Source).
  • You need to click ACTIVATE and then LAUNCH to view and read the textbook.
  • These textbooks are mainly from publishers such as Pearson, Wiley, McGraw, Cengage, and Cambridge



5. How do I get access to subject specific databases such as Psychology Database @Proquest?

  • E-Databases are not only arranged alphabetically but are also categorized by subject .
  • Use this link to browse the various databases.
  • If you are looking for e-databases on Psychology, choose psychology from the drop-down subject menu by clicking on "Search & Filter" icon. Then click on Psychology Database @Proquest or any other database related to psychology.



6. How do I access to Victoria University Library?



7. How do I access to Lancaster University Library?

  • The publishers licensing agreements do not allow sharing of resources among educational institutions since April 2021. Therefore no Lancaster University Library login ID will be provided. However students and staff can still use Lancaster University OneSearch to search for materials and use Document Delivery service to get materials unavailable from Tun Hussein Onn Sunway Library.
  • Students and staff can explore Free Resources instead.


1. How many books/DVDs can I borrow at one time?

  • The number of books/DVDs which can be borrowed out at one time depends on the membership category.
  • The number of loans and loan period according to membership category can be obtained from Loan Eligibility.



2. How can I renew online?

  • Remember to renew books borrowed or else fines would be incurred.
  • The maximum times for renewal can be obtained from Loan Eligibility.
  • View this video tutorial on how to renew a book online.
  • You cannot renew if someone has reserved or placed on hold the item you had borrowed.
  • You also cannot renew once you have achieved the maximum number of renewals allowed.
  • If you are unable to renew, return the book back to Library to avoid paying fines.



3. I have books due soon but I am unable to come to campus. How do I avoid getting fined?

  • You can renew the books remotely. View this video tutorial on how to renew a book online.
  • You can send the books via Courier or Poslaju to Tun Hussein Onn Library, No. 5 Jalan Universiti, Sunway City, 47500 Selangor.
  • If you are requesting your friend or family member to return, do ensure they get the return slip for you to keep as proof.



4. Why I cannot renew my books online?

Possible reasons are as follows:

  • Items are already overdue. You have to renew at least 1 day before the date due.
  • Items are on hold or reserved by another user.
  • Items have reached maximum renewal limit
  • You membership is about to expire or has expired. Please check at Service Counter for more details.



5. How many times may I renew a book?

  • Open Shelf - 5 times;
  • Open Shelf 1-Week Loan - 2 times



6. How do I reserve a book?

  • You may reserve a book online only if all copies are already on loan.
  • If there are still copies not borrowed or checked out, you have to ask staff from Service Counter to help you to reserve.
  • View this video tutorial on how to reserve a book.
  • Once the book you have reserved is available, you will be sent an email requesting you to collect the items at the Service Counter.
  • You can also check your Loan Account to see the status of your reservation.


1. Do you have printing and photocopying services?

  • There are 4 printers in the Library which can also be used for Printing, Photocopying and Scanning.
  • There are 2 printers at B1 level, 1 at G level and 1 at M level.
  • The printers use the "ApeosWare Print" software.
  • You need to ensure you have sufficient money in your student account before you begin printing.
  • You can top up your account from the Top Up machine at B1 level or use Pals For Life app to pay with e-wallet.



2. Where can I discuss without disturbing other students?

  • You may may use Collaborative Zone 1 at M level.
  • You may also use Collaborative Zone 2 at B1 level.
  • You may also use Training Room 1 at B1 level.
  • You can use also book Group Project Pods, if needed.
  • See Floor Plan.



3. Do you provide specific rooms for viewing video recordings?
See Viewing Facilities.


4. Do you provide specific areas for group project work?

  • There are 11 Group Project Pods at B1 level.
  • Group Project Pods 1-5 have 10 seats each.
  • Group Project Pods 6-11 have 6 seats each.
  • There is a smart TV in each room for you to discuss your group project work.
  • Click here to book Group Project Pods.



5. Where can I buy drinks?

  • There are vending machines available in the Collaborative Zone 2, B1 level.
  • You can only drink within the room.



6. Will the Library be open 24 hours a day?

  • The Library will not remain open 24 hours a day because the place has to be cleaned up after use.
  • Students are also encouraged to take a break and not have sleepless nights.
  • The Mezzanine Level is open 18 hours instead. See Opening Hours.
  • Many resources are now available online and can be accessed remotely in the comfort of your own home.



7. Are there PCs available for Internet surfing, assignments or checking e-mails in the Library?

  • IT facilities in campus are available for students for their assignments, emails, browsing Internet.
  • The PCs located on Level G and Level B1 can also be used for these purposes. There are about 115 PCs in the Library.
  • Both Sunway students and staff can logon to these PCs.
  • You need to login using your network ID.
  • These PCs are for all users. Try not to hoard a PC.
  • Be seated at a table without PC if you do not need to use the PC.
  • The entire campus has wireless Internet Access. You can bring your own laptops.



8. Are there emergency exits?
The Library has various emergency exit doors on all Levels. See Floor Plans.


9. Do you have a security monitoring system?
The Library is monitored by CCTV cameras to deter theft and other unwanted incidents.


10. Where is the Help Desk?
It is located on Level B1. See Floor Plans.

1. This is my first time for me using the printing service. Can anyone guide me how to do printing, scanning or photocopying?



2. How do I print documents in colour?
On the printer properties, change the Output color: Color.


3. I tried to print a picture file (jpeg) in color but only get a black & white print. What went wrong?

  • The printer can only print in colour using MS Word, Power Point and in PDF format.
  • The jpeg file must be converted to PDF or attached to either MS Word (doc) or Powerpoint (ppt) to be able to print in color.


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