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Orientation and User Education
Orientation and Tours
The Library conducts short orientation sessions designed to familiarize new students and staff with the library resources, services and facilities.

Each session lasts about an hour. Students are introduced to the various resources and facilities offered by the Library. Basic techniques for finding information in both print and electronic formats are also highlighted.

Following a short briefing, students are given a tour of the Library during which the key resources and facilities are pointed out to them.

Academic staff are strongly encouraged to arrange orientation sessions for their new students. For more information please contact Ms Goh Wei Haan at whgoh@sunway.edu.my
Information Skills
The Library also holds hands-on Information Skills Workshops for staff and students.

These workshops are designed to equip library users with basic and advanced techniques for retrieving information from electronic databases.

Lecturers can also arrange for customized workshops for their students. For further information about Information Skills Workshops, please contact Ms Goh Wei Haan at whgoh@sunway.edu.my
Document No: HP/025 | Issue 10 | Last Updated: 5 August 2015