Thank you for your interest on donating items to Tun Hussein Onn Sunway Library. The Library is pleased to accepts donations of materials that can add value to our collection and benefit enquiring minds within Sunway Education community. The Library will evaluate your donated material according to our Library policy.


Conditions of acceptance

The Library will review all book donations prior to acceptance and reserves the right to decline items that do not meet the collection development policy, which are:

1. Items that are in poor physical condition:

  • Infested with silverfish, worm-eaten
  • Pages and portions of pages may be missing
  • Damaged by, for instance, water, smoke, fire, animal bites, insects or mishandling
  • The book jacket is tattered
  • The book has been scratched or scribbled on
  • Highlighted or underlined pages
  • Soiled, scuffed, stained, spotted
  • The book spine has loose joints
  • Torn pages
  • There is writing throughout the books

2. Loose periodicals, magazines, newspapers or journals

3. Ephemera such as pamphlets, brochures, posters, etc.

4. Audiovisual materials not supported by library equipment

5. Books that have been withdrawn from the Library’s collection

6. Outdated texts and books of no academic value

7. Maps

8. School books not suitable for tertiary education

9. Photocopied books

10. Religious books

If you are still interested to donate, you may send the books to our Library at any convenient time for you.


Enquiries & Contact

For further enquiry on book donation, call 03-74918622 ext 7062 or email





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