This guide shows a list of Reference Resources links.

  1. Famous Firsts
  2. Guinness World Records
  3. -This site includes contents of the Information Please Almanacs, a biography database, a dictionary, an atlas and articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia.
  4. World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency -Includes: "Maps, Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications etc."
  1. Dictionary of Art Historians: a Biographical Dictionary of Historians, Museum Directors and Scholars of Art - Lee Sorensen, Duke University Libraries. The database is searchable by name, methodology and country of origin.


  1. Dictionary (OneLook Dictionaries): find meanings and translations of words.
  2. Language Dictionaries (Awesome Library) -Dictionaries for some the more commonly used languages.
  3. Translate into another Language
  4. Merriam-Webster  - Dictionary and thesaurus in one.
  5. Dictionaries and Translators
  6. Slang Dictionary

Subject Dictionaries

  1. BioTech's life sciences
  2. Etymology Dictionary -- "Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago.
  3. FOLDOC-The Free Online Dictionary of Computing--over 12,000 extensively hyperlinked terms in computer science.
  4. Medical Dictionary (Medline Plus).
  5. Webopedia – Online dictionary for computer and internet terms.
  6. Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary
  1. College and University Rankings - Links to many sources of ranckings.
  2. Infobel - telephone directories from all over the world.
  3. Yellow pages (Malaysia) - telephone directory providing information of commercial establishments, residential homes, government departments and embassies.
  4. The Malaysian Bar - telephone directories of courts, AG's Chambers and legal aid centres.
  5. eGuide - A business directory for the Asia region.
  6. Malaysia Central - Local Seach Engines, Portals, Directories & Guides.


  1. Credo – Access provided to Tun Hussein Onn Sunway Library users. 
  2. Encyclopedia ( -Provides information by search engine or alphabetical order.
  3. Searchgateway Encyclopedia - Provides over a dozen "encyclopedia" search engines.
  4. Wikipedia ( - Anyone can contribute to this encyclopedia. Verify before using information from this source.

Subject Encyclopedias

  1. Eric Weisstein's world of science. Multimedia Encyclopedia/Dictionaries (Text & Images).
  2. Encyclopedia of Psychology -- over 2000 links from people & history, careers, theories and much more. From Jacksonville State.
  3. Medical Encyclopedia
  4. Merck Manual

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