Library provides tours and user education workshops to support learning and research needs.

These include Library Tours, Information Skills classes, EndNote workshops, and Individual / Small Group Consultation sessions.

Library Tours

Students, staff and visitors can sign up for scheduled tours. Each tour is about 30 mins.

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Contact person: Anusha Kirshnan at


Information Skills Classes

Academics are welcome to request the Library to organize classes for their students on how to find library resources for their assignments or have an overall view on how to conduct research.

Refer to Information Skills Sessions to find out the various types of classes available.

Click here to view the Recorded Information Skills Sessions.

Contact person: Goh Wei Haan at


Individual or Small Group Consultation

These short sessions aim to help students or staff formulate a search strategy to identify and locate relevant information sources on your research topic.

Consultation can be done face-to-face, online or through the phone.

Register via the online form.


EndNote Workshop

Learn how to cite references using EndNote. 

Sign up for EndNote sessions (Install EndNote in laptops before the session)

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