The Library serves Sunway University, Sunway College KL, Cordon Bleu within the Sunway Campus. It also provides services to staff and higher level students of Sunway International School. 

The library is based on the concept of the Learning Commons, which is a collaborative environment that supports and enhances student learning, academic excellence and lifelong learning. It provides a range of services, resources and expertise for students to write, research and use technology to achieve these objectives.

The Library constitutes 3 levels, with a total floor area of 72,000 sq ft and provides 1,300 seats. Study spaces are varied such as Individual and Group study spaces, Silent Zone, Group Project Pods, Training Rooms, Computer Clusters, Viewing Zone, Collaborative Zones, Instructional Lab and an extended hour study area which is open until 2:00 am every day.

The resource-rich library is equipped with print, audio-visual and e-resource collections. Users can access e-resources within the campus and remotely from anywhere in the world through their computers or mobile devices.

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We strive to be an academic and research library of the highest repute and professionalism.



To provide a comprehensive and inclusive research, teaching, and learning ecosystem at Sunway Library that encompasses resources, services, space, and engagement for academic excellence.

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