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SUNWAY COLLEGE : Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)




MUF0011 English Unit 1

This is ONLY listing of course code/title for MUFY

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MUF0012 English Unit 2

MUF0021 Accounting Unit 1

MUF0022 Accounting Unit 2

MUF0031 Biology Unit 1

MUF0032 Biology Unit 2

MUF0041 Chemistry Unit 1

MUF0042 Chemistry Unit 2

MUF0051 Information and Communication Technology Unit 1

MUF0052 Information and Communication Technology Unit 2

MUF0061 Economics Unit 1

MUF0062 Economics Unit 2

MUF0091 Mathematics Unit 1

MUF0092 Mathematics Unit 2

MUF0101 Advanced Mathematics Unit 1

MUF0102 Advanced Mathematics Unit 2

MUF0121 Physics Unit 1

MUF0122 Physics Unit 2

MUF0131 Global Studies Unit 1

MUF0132 Global Studies Unit 2

MUF0141 Fundamental Mathematics Unit 1

MUF0142 Fundamental Mathematics Unit 2

MUF0151 Contemporary Issues Unit 1

MUF0152 Contemporary Issues Unit 2